To keep you warm

Vrikke is a trademark that goes over 20 years back from the time of the Olympic Games in Lillehammer in 1994.


Vrikke has always been situated in the south of Norway and are now based on an Island just outside Arendal. The present owners from 4 years ago consists of 3 women, doing all the design in-house.


The Design is influenced by Norwegian tradition and pattern, made with a personal twist yet with respect of national treasures. The design is loved both by Norwegians and travelers from all over the world.


Vrikke have two different style-groups.

  • The Merino styles are modern Norwegian design in a super-soft blend of European merino wool and in Lambs wool. The styles are made in Europe. The producer is an acknowledged company, also a woman business, based in Lithuania.
  • The embroidery styles are beautiful Norwegian design based on old traditional patterns influenced by rose paintings and patterns from special areas in Norway. The embroidery is made by hand directly on boiled or knitted wool. The styles are made in China by a company approved by Norwegian government.


Tove, Charlotte and Anna (the owners) all have background in design-related education and occupation. They are all dedicated to make personal new Norwegian design based on tradition, and with a strive towards the most sustainable production.

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