Holmenkollen scarf

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During World War 2 a 30 year old man was sentenced to death for working in the resistance. The war was at its end, and after months on death row he realized that he was not going to get killed after all. What was he going to do with his life? He decided to work for something that represented joy and freedom. Marka, the untouched nature that surrounds Oslo, became his life project. He believed that Marka was of great value to the people of Oslo if it was kept just as it was. No apartment buildings, motorways, hotels or malls. Just trees, flowers, lakes, grass and fresh air. He died  100 years old, and Marka is still untouched.

This is a comfortable and modern scarf with pattern based on Norwegian ski traditions.

The scarf is knitted in with longitudinal stripes in a nice and soft lambswool with 20% nylon.

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